Reviews of Super Future from all facets of the
music industry

We look to Rowland to pave the way for the next generation of underground bass phenoms.
— The Untz [Music Blog & Festival Curator]
He has a vision for his music and life that is bound to take him places far and away...
— How Was it Detroit [Music Journal]
If the bass doesn’t get you, the technical percussion and melodic sections that Super Future is all about definitely will.
— [Music blog & Tastemaker]
Super Future is skyrocketing from the Grand Rapids, MI electronic scene with his exuberant, synth-laden style.
— River Beats [Music Blog & Tastemaker]
Make sure to follow his rise to fame in the next year, and if you get the chance, make sure to check out his sets this summer. We can’t wait to see what super future lies ahead for this young talent!
— EDM Sauce [Music Blog & Tastemaker]
He’s one to watch, as we all like a surprise every now and then, and as a fan, you’re not quite sure what you’ll get next.
— Electric Hawk [Music Blog & Tastemaker]
Super Future brought a fun, high-energy, professional and positive vibe to the audience, and it really elevated the flow of the night. With his selection of original tracks, old school mash-ups, and crowd pleaser selection, there’s no doubt I’ll see him back here soon.
— Jeff Napolitano - The Intersection
When Rowland plays, he is not just throwing a party, he is creating an environment where he wants listeners to feel comfortable and have fun at the same time. There is little doubt that Rowland’s place in electronic music production future looks super.
— The Couture Tape Cooperative (Grand Rapids, MI)
Super Future demonstrates his refined production skills in his latest singles ‘Isla’ and ‘High Flyer’. Combining inventive sound design with forward-thinking songwriting techniques, this rising young producer proves he can deliver infectious beats that will get you moving out on the dancefloors.
— Adam Reifsteck - Teknofonic Recordings