EDM Sauce Lists Super Future In Their "Top 25 to watch in 2018"

With growth in the Midwest still on the rise, the national tastemakers are starting to take notice of the Super Future movement. 2018 is already promising to be bigger and better than this year, with releases locked in with new labels and the new live guitar element now integrated into Super Future's music and shows! 

Blogs loving the The experimentation and guitar iN "A Walk through my head"

Super Future w/ guitar

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In an effort to explain the inner-workings of a creative music producer's mind, Super Future has taken an age-old question and turned it into a challenge that resulted in an aural adventure. His latest original "A Walk Through My Head" brilliantly melds the styles that have influenced him - including a guitar solo that would turn heads of the 80's Metal scene! Seeking to creatively answer the recurring question, "what exactly goes on in that head of a musician of so many styles", Nick gives us a piece that has the writers of EDMSauce and YourEDM hoping for more peeks inside the caverns of his mind. 

YOUREDM.com supports new original "Make It"

From Forthcoming EP "PRISMS"

 Coming Summer 2017

Coming Summer 2017

Summer 2017 is shaping up to be full of intrigue and growth for Super Future. With independent releases full of new energy, playing at new, up-and-coming festivals such as UpNorth and Gridlife, and the expansion of his collective Samsara Family, this Grand Rapids artist is on the path to new and explosive heights. YourEDM.com premiered the latest single "Make It" (left) and you can read what they had to say here!

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