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Artist Bio

From one of the hottest up-and-coming cities of the Midwest, you’ll find artist Nick Rowland, captivating the EDM scene of Grand Rapids, MI with the bright and vibrant look and sounds of his alias, Super Future. Rowland’s style is a diverse combination of hard-hitting bass lines,  groovy upbeat melodies, and bright future-style synths, all complimented by elements of ethnic and experimental percussion. You can even find him showing his live music prowess playing live guitar over his original music.

It’s easy to hear that Rowland’s musical inclination was tapped into at an early age, when he was shredding the classics on his guitar. His music today taps into his early love for live instruments, with elements of various guitar and percussion types underneath the powerful synths exemplifying his sound. You’ll hear his love for all styles in his self-titled debut EP “Super Future” where he brings forward his proclaimed genres Vibrant Beat and World Trap. His forthcoming EP, "Prisms" is set to be dropped in 2018, which contains the addition of his live guitar and developing original sound. 

Super Future offers more than just a hype first EP. Catch him on stage at one of his underground parties or shows sharing the stage with the likes of Zeds Dead, Herobust or What So Not, and be swept up in the energy of his crowds. Rowland can perform, produce, and cultivate new talent, as he kicked off a successful debut year of Grand Rapids' Samsara Family Collective, who have created a wave of new music in the Midwest with their new and distinct experimental trap sounds and underground events.

National tastemakers such as YourEDM have begun to support his music, and others such as EDM Sauce have placed Super Future in their list of top artists to watch in 2018. As the 2018 "Staff Pick" winner of the national songwriting contest "The Untz Challenge", heads are turned his way for 2018 and beyond, waiting to see what he can curate for his Future. Keep him in your scope in 2018 and you’ll find him blossoming brilliant artists, creating new types of music and bringing energy to major artists he shares the stage with. The future is indeed, super.

 Rowland smiles as he engages his fans with some of his favorite music.

Rowland smiles as he engages his fans with some of his favorite music.

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